A Lifetime of Love

Erin and Lucy

I’m lucky enough to have a sweet elderbull. Her teeth are yellow and her face is gray, but she is as loving as the day is long, and every gray whisker makes me love her even more. Lucille (Lucy to her friends) and I have been together since October 12, 1998, when I found her as a stray at a busy intersection in Jacksonville, FL. I put her in the car (with my other dog in the backseat, drugged from having her teeth cleaned) and drove home to Tallahassee intending to find a home for her. That home quickly became my home, but those first few years with Lucy were not easy.

I was young and worked three jobs when I brought Lucy home. She was the first dog I’d ever acquired on my own, and I knew almost nothing about pit bulls or even dog training. She destroyed books, couches, shoes and carpeting. She jumped the six foot fence and ran away – many times. She even once jumped out of the second story bedroom window while we were napping together, only to land on the porch roof, where I had to crawl out and retrieve her. The neighbors thought we were insane. And we were.

The Perfect Pair

Lucy had me in tears so many times, but things got better. First, I discovered dog crates (awesome). Then my schedule relaxed, so I was able to spend more time with her, and then my older dog went to live with my parents. Lucy became the center of the universe, and it turns out that was all she really wanted.

The truth is that we’ve grown up together. She taught me about patience, caring and love. I taught her…..actually nothing. She did all the training.

Time is running out on us now. Lucy is 13+ years old and has advanced liver cancer. We are taking it one day at a time, and it’s painful to know that one of these days will be our last together. She has been the most frustrating, maddening, lovable, silly, sweet dog imaginable and I consider myself lucky for everyday I still have the honor of being her person.

Lucy went across the Rainbow Bridge on December 2, 2011. She will live in Erin’s heart forever. <3


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Paige Burris is the driving force behind The Positive Pitbull. She is a Certified Dog trainer/CPDT-KA and advocate for dogs, as well as a graphic designer.
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  1. pitbull friend says:

    Thank you for giving Lucy such a great life, Erin, and for sharing your story.

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