Changing Hearts, Changing Minds

Ashleigh and Ella

Growing up near downtown Baltimore, I can remember being continuously bombarded with news reports of dog fight rings and “pit bull” attacks. All of these reports seemed to create an extreme paranoia in my grandmother because she raised all of her grandchildren to believe that pit bulls were horrendous animals only meant to kill. To this day I can remember her drilling into us that all pit bulls were a ticking time bomb and should be killed at birth. She never once entertained the thought that people were at fault for the incidents that occurred. She never once considered that pit bulls are just so loving and loyal that their only wish is to make their master proud, no matter what it is that their master asks of them. Despite being raised in an extremely closed minded house hold, and much to my grandmothers dismay I fell deeply in love with the wrinkles on the forehead of my neighbor’s pit bull and truly began my life long love and fascination with the breed.

Happiness is a warm (pit bull) puppy

That fascination is what led me to adopt my love bug, Ella. When I finally moved out on my own for the first time I knew I wanted a dog of my own, and I could finally follow my heart and give a home to a member of this maligned breed. My entire childhood I grew up with dogs of different breeds but I have never experienced the love and companionship that Ella has given me every day since she came into my life. She is my friend, my love, my source of laughter, and the best dog I’ve ever had the privilege of being loved by.


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Paige Burris is the driving force behind The Positive Pitbull. She is a Certified Dog trainer/CPDT-KA and advocate for dogs, as well as a graphic designer.
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