Each month we have a pack walk that is open to any area pit bull owners who would like their dogs to become better behaved! Our walk may include basic manners lessons, hiking, urban agility, CGC items and a variety of other fun activities designed to help you and your dog strengthen your relationship, but the most important aspect of these activities is the REGULAR SOCIALIZATION that every dog needs in order to become calmer around new situations, and less reactive when he/she encounters new dogs. Socialization can mean the difference in whether your dog is a welcomed member of the community….or not.

You owe it to your dog and to yourself to get out in the world together and have lots of positive experiences together…these positive experiences will build your dog’s confidence, and will provide you more oppotunities for transforming your dog into a breed ambassador. We’d love to have you join us!

Please join our meetup group by visiting
Sign up as a member, and then you will be able to see our calendar and you can plan to make a morning of it with your dog and with us!

Hope to see you there!

CGC: The Canine Good Citizen Award offered through the American Kennel Club is a goal that every dog owner should have. Pit bull owners are aware that our dogs are already discriminated against in general, so this goal is super important to work towards as a pit bull owner. It is the first step in having your dog work towards becoming a therapy dog.

Paige offers classes and testing for pit bulls to get their CGC. Check the FB page often to see what classes might be available.


If your dog needs addtional help with his/her behavior before they can join the meetup pack walks, please email

Paige offers additional classes designed to focus on bad behaviors you want extinguished, and the good behaviors you want to promote and encourage in your dog. If your dog needs special help on a one-on-one basis, Paige is available to help with that too.

Paige offers a comprehensive training program for you and your pit bull. Starting with basic training, you and your dog will build mutual trust and respect as you both spend time training together. CGC classes are also offered, and earning this award is a very important step in having your dog more welcomed in our community. Additionally, Paige offers classes for the feistier of dogs….designed to reduce anxiety and reactivity.

Using scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods, your dog will truly learn what is acceptable behavior from the training. As owners/guardians of the dogs most often misjudged, responsible pit bull ownership is the foundation of the training Paige offers.

Through responsible ownership, we can all have a role in restoring the positive image and improving the perception of pit bulls.

Paige’s training is highly effective, science-based, and fun! All training is taught with an emphasis on building your relationship with your dog so that you are working toward making him your best friend. Positive reinforcement training means we work to gain the dog’s cooperation with regards to giving us the behavior we want to see.

All training is done with compassion and respect. We never use force or pain in order to have a dog comply with our wishes. Get on the training wagon and work on making YOUR pit bull a breed ambassador…every responsible owner’s wish!

Please contact Paige today if you would like your pit bull to have better manners, or even if you want to focus on a couple of bad behaviors. Paige is happy to help!


4 Responses to Classes

  1. Sharon Henderson says:

    I have 2 pitbulls and would like to join the meetup group. Please send me any information.

  2. Johnavae says:

    I have a rescue mixed breed almost two years old and would like to join.

  3. Kim says:

    Do y’all know of any classes for Pits in the Asheville area?

  4. admin says:

    Please go to and join The Positive Pit Bull’s group. There, you can see our calendar and sign up to join a hike!

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