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Everyone can do a little something to help pit bulls. Some only have a few minutes of their time to give. Others donate $ to help a pit bull in need. Some are obssessed (ME) and think about helping pit bulls every waking moment. :) It doesn’t matter how much you give. If you can even help with one project, or with one event, this can make a difference to a pit bull or pit bulls in our community.

If you have been thinking about getting involved, you like what The Positive Pit Bull does and want to volunteer with us, PLEASE DO! All you have to do is email or to let us know you want to help. We know we can put you somewhere that you will make a difference!


Some potential areas we need more help in:

POSTER HANGING Getting the word out to the community about any PPB event. We always need help hanging posters all over town, so please sign up to help with this if you can! :)

DOGWASHES FUN fundraising events….held about once a month through the spring/summer months to help raise money to keep our spay/neuters and education going

PANCAKES FOR PIT BULLS fundraising event, usually held in  summer/fall

RALEIGH ST. PATRICK’S AND CHRISTMAS PARADE A chance for responsible pit bull owners bring their WELL-BEHAVED pit bulls out to march in the parade with us, showing the world what great dogs these are!

PET BULL PALOOZA April 2012, Historic Oak View Park, our community pit bull event offering Free Spay/Neuter/Responsible ownership/Free Training/Free Dog Food/Free Dog Treats/Free Dog Leashes and Collars/Free Rabies shots – this is our chance to connect with pit bull owners out there who may need help getting their dogs vaccinated and/or spayed/neutered. This greatly helps reduce the overpopulation problem and the euthanasia rate in the shelter.


9 Responses to You Can Help

  1. Amelia says:

    I have a very well behaved pitbull and I see you guys are walking in the parade on saturday. What can I do to be a part of that?

  2. Sandy Mead says:

    I would love to volunteer/help with events, etc.
    Thank you.

  3. Jennifer Correll says:

    I would love to learn how I can start a pits 4 Ta tas in Nashville, TN. Please let me know how I can help!

  4. Joni says:

    Hi, I came here looking for more info about your “The Positive Pit Bull’s LOVERS NOT FIGHTERS 2nd Annual ART AUCTION” and would like to see the blog posts and photos about the first one. Is this info posted here? Thanks!

  5. Hey, Paige! I love following the Positive Pit Bull on Facebook! Yall are going a great job! I wanted to ask you about a couple of things. First, I have started a blog called Service Made Easy. It illustrates simple things people can do to help out. I’d like to do a post about your organization. Maybe how people can help out and why it’s so important. Also, I saw your need for foster homes. I may be “putting the cart before the horse” so to speak because I haven’t talked to my husband about this, but can you please send me some more information? We have a two-year-old pit mix. She hasn’t been around many dogs in almost a year (since we had to put our male pit down). She’s also very dominate, so if we did foster, it would need to be a submissive dog. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes we are “pit experienced” (they’re the only dog we’ve owned for the past 6 years), but it would have to be a good fit with Sadie. Thanks, Paige!

  6. Candice says:


    I’m so interested in helping out in any way!! Let me know what I can do :)

  7. Tina DiMonda says:

    I was truly blessed to have Lexus (my absolutely beautiful brindle pit) in my life for 13yrs. I have been looking for the right organization solely about pit-bulls to join and help make a difference as she made such a profound difference in my life! Would love to get involved and help anyway I can!

  8. My organization would like to join you in the Pit Palooza.

  9. admin says:

    Brandi, email and let us know how you’d like to be a part of Pet Bull Palooza.

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