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For accurate information about breed bans and dog bite facts, go to National Canine Research Council.


PPB in the News: article: Award Leaves Pit Bull Owner In Happy Tears

Watch this Video of 2011 Raleigh Christmas Parade

See Pictures of the Parade

Changing Minds, Saving Lives, One Dog At A Time

Cricket Turns Heads and Hearts

Pancake breakfast flyerDog Trainer Tries To Change Perception Of Pit Bulls

Cricket, Breed Ambassador For Pit Bulls

Event Held Exclusively For PitBulls and Owners In Raleigh

They’ve Already Gone Green

What has The Positive Pit Bull been doing in its first year??

Dog Wash August 28 at PhydeauxBuilt a successful PPB Facebook Group 2010 – now includes over 11,000 fans worldwide!

Urban Agility / CGC Meet-ups – Started Mar. 6, 2010 Met every week for free training/socialization for any community pit bull (Regular socialization and training will keep more dogs in their homes…)

Humane Educational Presentations – Cricket, one of our certified therapy pit bulls will travel to any group that would like to learn more about pit bulls. We have presented to classes of preschoolers up to fifth graders, as well as to vet school students at NCSU, and we’d be more than happy to present to you too!! Contact for more information!

Awareness Campaign in conjunction with raising money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk – Jun 2010 – 20 PPB members walked the breast cancer walk and raised $1300 to donate to their cause! We wore Pits For Tatas tshirts and passed out information designed to raise awareness for pit bulls, at the same time we were helping out a great human cause!

Pancakes for Pit Bulls fundraiser – Our first official event (fundraising for spaying and neutering community pit bulls whose owners cannot afford to do it….lowering the number that will be euthanized in our shelter.

Positive Pit Bull 2011 Calendar – Spreading the pit bull gospel, one beautiful smiling pit bull at a time!

Lovers Not Fighters Art Auction Feb. 19, 2011- 1st annual fundraiser to support our efforts in education and in S/N of community pit bulls

* This art auction brought attention to longtimer pit bull dogs at SPCA who had been there a year or more. Within 2 weeks of event, all were adopted.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Mar. 12, 2011

* Great exposure for the breed!

* Nearly 40 volunteers and PB owners with their dogs

Pet Bull Palooza Apr. 19, 2011

* 80 volunteers

* More than 400 attendees

* Nearly 120 dogs received microchips, 85 received rabies vaccinations, and as a result of this effort, 50 dogs have been spayed or neutered.

Multiple Dog Wash Fundraisers around town

Helped out when called upon by HSUS with dogfight bust dogs in New Bern, NC – helped with evaluations, helping to place some of these dogs, AND our wonderful volunteers donated many marrowbones and enrichment toys to these dogs to help occupy their time during the day. :)

Rescued and placed pit bulls in dire situations

Raleigh Christmas Parade PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER 2011
November 19, 2011

The Positive Pit Bull marched in the 2011 Raleigh Christmas Parade and with 78,000 people watching, they seized the coveted People’s Choice Award for this year’s parade. Over 30 pit bulls wearing holiday sweaters, antlers and hats danced, pranced and delighted the crowds lining the streets of Raleigh. A VERY positive impression for the breed in front of an enormous audience was the end result.


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