National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2011

On October 22 The Positive Pit Bull celebrated National Pit Bull Awareness Day with an event called ROCKABULLY in Raleigh, NC. The event was hosted by Deep South The Bar, and three bands donated their time and talent to make the day special: Old Avenue, Russ Thompson, and The Revolutionary Sweethearts. Famous pit bulls from all around attended including Dolly the Pit Bull and Baby Harper from all the way from Orlando FL, Firu fromĀ in Conover, NC, as well as little Cuda from These dogs have all overcome tremendous odds against them, and their resilience shines through their eyes full of love. No resentments, no grudges held against humans who put them through hell….only LOVE to give for the rest of their lives! The day was a great success and everyone who attended had a blast! On Sunday, Oct. 23, 40 pit bulls congregated in downtown Raleigh to walk in force to raise awareness about the positive nature of these dogs, and the loving personalities they have. Some wore their Halloween costumes and they were hilarious. The walk ended at the Boylan Bridge Brewpub, where the entire deck was reserved for us and our dogs, and we all ate lunch together on a glorious sunny day, overlooking the downtown Raleigh skyline! National Pit Bull Awareness Day was well-represented in Raleigh, NC! Although the pics you see here are shot from regular folks attending the event…..FlyinFur Photography was here and they have some AMAZING shots from this weekend on their site: And, one of our own volunteers, Colleen Bogner took a ton of great photos too: Thanks to all who came for the good of the breed! This weekend proved our case once again…pit bull love knows no boundaries!

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Paige Burris is the driving force behind The Positive Pitbull. She is a Certified Dog trainer/CPDT-KA and advocate for dogs, as well as a graphic designer.
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