Pit Bulls Proudly Marching in the 2011 Raleigh Christmas Parade

















On November 19, The Positive Pit Bull was proud to be a part of Raleigh’s 2011 Christmas Parade! Nearly thirty pit bulls marched, danced and pranced their little hearts out along the route alongside hundreds of other groups while thousands watched, delighted at the sight. The Positive Pit Bull’s people were dressed alike in their festive bright red Rockabully shirts, and their dogs were decked out in holiday faire as well, from Santa hats to green tutus with red bows. Our group was led by our giant Happy Holidays banner draped in red tinsel garland, and at the center of our display, and carrying our main message sign was none other than the Duke of Elvis (Steve Cates, Elvis impersonator) in his flowing red silk studded Elvis outfit and cape. Just in front of Elvis was our tiny “float” with a lifesize replica of Cricket, our group’s little ham. Cricket herself was decked out in a red and white Santa sweater and red top hat. All this while sugary sweet prancing pit bulls swirled all about, kissing children and licking extended hands all along the parade route. We were honored to have little Cuda of cudacares.org marching along with us too! She is a little star and she held her own and walked the WHOLE WAY!

What an amazingly successful day for The Positive Pit Bull’s mission – showing the world just how wonderful these dogs really ARE! Our dogs truly exemplified our 10 foot tall main message Elvis carried: OPEN YOUR MIND….THE TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Our hope in participating in this parade was to raise awareness regarding the breed we love so much. After we marched, we, along with thousands of other pit bull enthusiasts, have been voting like crazy for The Positive Pit Bull to win the People’s Choice Award following Raleigh’s Christmas Parade! What a positive message a win like this would send about the American Pit Bull Terrier, our favorite breed! What an amazing opportunity to bring awareness and some positive attention to the dogs who always seem to get nothing but negative!


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Paige Burris is the driving force behind The Positive Pitbull. She is a Certified Dog trainer/CPDT-KA and advocate for dogs, as well as a graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Pit Bulls Proudly Marching in the 2011 Raleigh Christmas Parade

  1. Alexa says:

    This event was amazing! Peyton and I had so much fun greeting the people of Raleigh and showing everyone what pit bulls are all about!

  2. Christi Hall says:

    This event was absolutely spectacular. I was fortunate, and honored, enough to be able to walk in the parade with the Positive Pit Bull. PBB looked great in the parade. All human participants wore matching rockabully t-shirts and pitbull headbands, making the group look structured and cohesive. All dog participants wore christmas themed clothing, which just made them super adore-a-bull. I cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for the mission and efforts of PBB in casting the pit bull breed in such a positive light. Way to go PBB and all the little PIBBLES!

  3. Brooks says:

    What a beautiful blog! Thought you might be interested in a post I wrote recently. “Lessons From a Pit Bull Named Eli.” Peace. http://ahungrylife.com

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