Phat Girl

Phat Girl is a 7 month old pit bull who ended up in the Wake County Animal Center. As a result she is now looking for her forever home. Phatty is ALL puppy, full of herself and crazy with puppy energy. She needs someone who can spend some time teaching her basic manners so she can be someone’s great pet. She is SUPER smart, she learned to SIT in less than 5 minutes, but as a puppy, her attention span is very, very limited….she is a doll and only wants to please, and PLAY! Contact if you are interested in Phat Girl!


UPDATE: Phat Girl has found her forever home! She is now called Zoe and is living happily ever after.

2 Responses to Phat Girl

  1. ALLISON says:

    I AM SO HAPPY for Zoe!

  2. Nat says:

    That’s awesome news :D

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