The Importance of Humane Education: The Positive Pit Bull is Ready to Visit Your School!

Here and there I have been asked to come into schools and talk about pit bulls. Everyone knows there is a complete misunderstanding of these dogs and that is why they are in the trouble that they are in. I always JUMP at the opportunity! In fact, a few months ago I was invited to talk to four fifth grade classes in Fayetteville, NC, a town plagued with major dogfighting operations, as well as to a group of preschoolers in Morrisville, NC the same day.  I took the day off from work and Cricket and I drove all around to spread the pit bull gospel and TRUTH about these dogs.

One look at Cricket and the crowd melts. Questions surrounding the myths about pit bulls abound: Don’t those dogs fight each other all the time? Don’t their jaws lock?It is so evident that these kids had to hear these things from SOMEWHERE. Their parents, who heard it themselves on the news??? I quickly point out the nature of the dog before them – Cricket, who is a therapy dog, is allowed in hospitals and nursing home and who sits patiently while kids practice their reading skills by reading books to her, allowing THEM to improve their reading, and allowing Cricket socialization time with one more kid. We talk about what a myth is, and how they come to be believed by so many. Then I ask them to look at Cricket and tell me if they think she would bite anyone, or even scare anyone. They all scream, “NO!” then break into oohs and ahhs about how cute she is, and can they come pet her, etc.

This is when we talk about the appropriate way to approach a dog you don’t know.

Since these efforts, other invitations extended our way and being invited to talk to vet students at NCSU about pit bulls, The Positive Pit Bull now has fully developed a Humane Ed program centering around these maligned dogs. It’s called Dogs Are Dogs: Taking a Fresh Look at The American Pit Bull Terrier.

Our humane ed lessons include general dog safety information, as well as some more pointedly focusing on the pit bull and the myths surrounding the breed: • How to appropriately approach a dog you don’t know and some Canine Body Language, • Responsible Ownership of any animal, • Learning the concepts of compassion, myths and kindness, heroes and bullies • Why it is important to adopt a pet rather than buying one, and • The importance of spaying/neutering.

The school hosting our visit can choose from a list of topics that they would like covered. If I have an assistant come with me, we will bring two dogs and we can allow the kids to practice approaching the dogs appropriately.

Call us today if you’d like us to bring The Positive Pit Bull’s Humane Ed program into YOUR school! Cricket and the other dogs are so excited to help teach compassion and kindness to animals and they can’t wait to meet you!



We love the work we do and we hope to see you soon!! Please share!

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Paige Burris is the driving force behind The Positive Pitbull. She is a Certified Dog trainer/CPDT-KA and advocate for dogs, as well as a graphic designer.
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